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Old Florida License Plates and Tags

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Old Florida license plates and tags: county and vehicle-type codes.

If you’ve ever wondered what the first few numbers on old Florida tags stood for, here is some historical information on plates from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The first number(s) on the tag is the County code (1-68), and the next letter(s) stood for the type of vehicle and/or weight. Here are some of the more common vehicle codes:

  • Passenger cars: D, T, W, WW. For cars weighing 2501-3500 pounds, there was no code.
  • Antique cars: Q
  • Commercial vehicles: CV, G, GH, GK, GL, GV, P (off-road vehicle, harvest truck)

Note: if you want to use vintage Florida tags for the Authenticated License Plate Program (using an old plate that is the same year as your vehicle), it is our understanding that you may be able to use any county or vehicle type code (please check with your local motor vehicle office for current requirements). Also, be sure to check that the plate number itself is not already in use, as Florida re-used the same configurations on many different year plates.

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Vintage Florida license plates tags

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