California Stickers for YOM License Plates, We Have Them!

Looking for an authentic old California license plate sticker for your Year of Manufacture plates?

If the dmv said you needed an old year sticker (sometimes called a registration decal) for your California YOM license plates, and you weren’t sure where to start looking, we have them!

We have years 1957 to 1969 for passenger cars, and 1957 to 1972 for commercial vehicles (metal year tabs were used prior to 1956 – we have those, too). These authentic old year stickers ranging from fair to mint condition, with pictures and descriptions of each one, are listed on our two webstores. We  mail each one in a small USPS priority mail box, well-packed with bubble wrap, for safe shipping.

Click here to see our California stickers for sale on our webstore. We are able to list stickers by year on this webstore.

Click here to see our California stickers for sale on our webstore on Ruby Lane.  Stickers are arranged in random order by Ruby Lane (we wish there was an option to list them by year). After you get to our Ruby Lane webstore, you may want to use the store search bar to see all of the stickers we have of a specific year (i.e. “1967 sticker”), as we usually try to have at least three of each year.

Pictures of California license plate stickers and decals, 1957 to 1962:

1957 california license plate sticker decal 1958 California registration sticker decal 1959 California sticker decal 1960 California yom sticker decal 1961 California sticker decal 1962 California year of manufacture Sticker decal 

Pictures of California license plate stickers & decals, 1964 to 1972:

1964 California yom sticker decal 1965 California sticker 1966 California sticker 1967 California registration sticker 1968 California year of manufacture registration sticker 1969 California YOM Sticker 1970 California Sticker for Commercial vehicles 1971 California sticker, YOM Commercial 1972 California YOM Sticker, Commercial

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